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Memogel Thera-med Premium Cooling Gel Mattress Pad/Topper

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Suits your existing Mattress – Gel Layer for optimum body temperature and comfort while you sleep. 

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Single Size 185cm x 90cm
King Single Size 200cm x 107cm
Double Size 185cm x 135cm
Queen Size 200cm x 150cm
King Size 200cm x 185cm
Gel Layer Natural Non Toxic Silica Based Liquid Cooling Gel Layer with polyurethane backing

A Simple to use Gel Mattress Pad that can be rolled out on any existing mattress for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. The Gel layer will provide excellent support while continuing to give you the comfort of your existing mattress.

The MemoGel Mattress Pad is designed to help those who suffer from hot sleeping temperatures, hot flushes, menopause, surgical treatments, radiation treatments or simply those that sleep hot.

How Does it Work?

Quite Simply the Gel Layer uses Conduction to transtion heat out of the body and into the overlay. The result is the body will feel cooler as heat is transferred naturally.

It is worth noting that the mattress will eventually reach body temperature as the product is not powered electrically but the cooling effect can begin once again as soon as user moves position slightly. Dissipation of heat will occur naturally during the night.

The most significant cooling effect will occur when user is first going to bed and getting to sleep in a cool manner is most important.

Easy to use

Simply roll out the Memo Gel cooling pad and it is ready to use. The overlay will go on top of your exisiting mattress and the non slip backing ensures that the MemoGel cooling pad will never move once on the bed. During colder months the overlay can easily be removed and stored rolled up for use once heat again becomes an issue. , The MemoGel pad is designed to be used in conjunction with the Naturelle range of Mattress protectors for the best performance in comfortable supportive sleeping.

The choice for a refreshing sleep when heat is an issue.

Sleeping hot, Hot flushes and night sweats will all cause tiredness and discomfort when sleeping. The MemoGel cooling pad will help to alleviate this issue of sleeping to warm. The Gel pad will provide an optimal cooling comfort that evens out the body temperature by transferring heat inot the gel pad from the body. Once absorbed the Cooling Gel actively dissipates the heat via a process of conduction.

Cooling Pressure Relief

The fundamental benefit of the MemoGel Cooling Gel layer is is that it cools effectively and gives excellent comfort support. If the item is too cool for the user, the cooling process can be limited or negated entirely by simply applying extra layers of bedding, such as mattress protectors and thicker sheeting, over the top of the MemoGel Pad.

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Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 200 × 185 × 6 cm


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