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Liberty Superior Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

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The acoustic superiority of high, medium and low frequencies is achieved by examining infants, children and adults by changing to the proper chest piece. This versatile stethoscope is an excellent choice for medical students, doctors, paediatricians and cardiologists.


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  • The threaded chest piece allows the use of 5 interchangeable chest piece fittings
  • An adult and paediatric diaphragm and three bells for accurate detection of high, middle and low frequency sounds in children and adults
  • 56 cm tubing
  • Adjustable binaural
  • An accessory pouch containing 2 spare diaphragms, one pair of mushroom ear tips and one pair of silicone ear tips
  • Complete with an instruction manual
  • Packaged in a hanging display case

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Weight 0.298 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 5 cm


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