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  • sami-the-seal-compressor-nebulizer-philips-respironics
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  • HHS_0313_RDD_SammiNblzrTuckerTurtleMaskInUseGirl_RGBLo__88652.1488991991

Phillips Sami the Seal Compressor Nebulizer System

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The Philips Respironics Sami the Seal pediatric compressor is shaped like a seal to appeal to children, their parents and pediatricians, and to support aerosol therapy compliance. It partners with our highly efficient SideStream nebulizers.

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This child-friendly nebuliser was created with paediatric environments in mind, yet is also perfect for adult applications as well. Because children often become fearful with the use of regular-style nebulisers, this model has received a great deal of praise for a friendly design.

When inhaling from a nebuliser, there’s no need to breathe in forcefully or use your hands and there are no special techniques required at all—you simply breathe as normal. This is particularly beneficial for young children, the elderly and people with limited hand mobility.

This nebuliser pushes a stream of air that travels through the tube from the nebuliser, converting your prescribed medication into an aerosol mist for easy inhalation.

Max flow rate 8-10 L/min
Aerosol output ≥0.20 mL/min
MMAD 4 microns
Sound level ≤60 dB
  • Nebuliser
  • Child mask
  • Adult mask
  • (5) Replacement filters
  • Nebuliser bowl
  • Nebuliser mouth piece
  • User guide

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Dimensions 20 × 25 × 20 cm


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