"> Contiform New User kit, for restoration of a woman’s internal supports
  • 92140
  • Contiform New User kit, for restoration of a woman’s internal supports
  • 92140
  • Contiform New User kit, for restoration of a woman’s internal supports

Contiform New User Kit – Woman Internal Restoration Supports


Contiform provides a discreet and affordable solution for overcoming stress incontinence (bladder leakage with cough, sneeze or impact exercise).

Contiform New User Kit is designed for women starting out and includes everything you need to use immediately.

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Designed by an Australian Gynaecologist, Contiform helps to restore a woman’s internal supports. This soft contoured device sits discreetly within the vagina like a hollow tampon, supporting the urethra to stop the escape of urine.

Simply insert Contiform when you need it. The smooth surfaces reinforce female internal supports which can be lacking after childbirth, with menopause or with pelvic floor weakness.

Who is Contiform Suited to?

Contiform is designed to help women:

  • Who suffer from unwanted bladder leakage with activity or physical exercise (stress incontinence)
  • Seeking an alternative discreet solution to using continence pads
  • Who are unsuccessful with Kegel exercises for incontinence
  • Seeking to avoid or delay bladder surgery for incontinence.

Contiform New User Kit Contents

Contiform New User Kit includes everything you need to get started:

  • 3 Contiform devices in all 3 available sizes (small, medium and large) for determining your ideal size
  • Instruction leaflet and digital instructional clip
  • Ribbon for removal

Supplied complete with information brochure for fitting and home care.

Contiform Individual Devices

Contiform is also available in individual sized units (small, medium or large).

If you already know your size you may prefer to order a single unit. Most women start with a medium-size Contiform device.

How to Fit Contiform

To find your correct size start with the medium-sized Contiform device. Your device should rest comfortably behind your pubic bone and the back of the device rests behind the cervix. When your device is correctly inserted it should feel comfortable and prevent bladder leakage when you cough or jump. If the device moves or if leakage still occurs, try the larger size. Alternatively, if you feel any discomfort or have difficulty emptying your bladder with the device in place, then remove and fit the smaller size unit.

Once inserted it should feel comfortable and prevent leakage. Cough, jump or run to check for any leakage and movement. If there is still leakage or movement you will need to fit a large size. The manufacturers recommend that women consult their health care professional or continence nurse advisor before using Contiform.

Contiform recommends starting out with the medium size and testing for comfort and effectiveness. If this size is not correct, try the small or large device as appropriate. The medium size fits most women. Contiform replacement devices are a cost-effective alternative to pads available for women who know their size.

Please note instructional DVD has been replaced with a  digital copy, please contact sales@aquariusspiritus.com for this digital copy.

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