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Not sure what to pack for camping?

Camping is fun, relaxing and full of adventure – but it does come with risks. When camping, make sure to bring necessary first aid for all your needs; below includes information about what you can bring camping or anything outdoors such as hiking, fishing trip etc.

What you should have in your first aid kit for camping or for any outdoor activity

Don’t leave them untreated if you get minor scratches, scrapes, and bumps. Clean and sterilise your wounds and injuries. Wipes and disinfectants can help treat surface cuts, while a saline solution can be good for soaking cuts or washing out eyes.

Disinfecting your wound is the first step. It is essential that you cover it so that you don’t bump it and cause even more pain or expose it to flies or other causes of infection. When packing your camping first aid kit, make sure to include:

 There are a few first-aid kit accessories that are particularly suited for camping:

Alternatively, purchase a ready-made first aid kit through our wide variety of options that suit you and your family.


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