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Disaster Relief

Drinking water in emergency situations

In the wake of a disaster, it may not be suitable to drink as Waterborne diseases like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid may be present, and it is a fact that waterborne diseases ravage families and most vulnerable children. If you wish to remove this risk, water should be treated before consumption to ensure its safety. Our water purification tablets turn 1.5L of contaminated water into clean water, are easy to transport, and maybe shipped as non-hazardous goods due to the way that it is being packaged. Our packaging makes for an easily transportable product where it can be delivered fast for aid workers and NGOs operating abroad.

Aquarius Spiritus is also in the near finish stages of finalizing an innovative water purification system that is stackable, in-expensive, lightweight, durable, easy to transport, UV resistant, purifies water fast, and can store up to 100L, 255L,500L, 1000L and 2000L of clean water.

~ Product coming soon!

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